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300 | 500ml Muji Style Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

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300ml model is powered by USB
500ml model is powered by 24V AC Adapter
Light Design: Colorful LED
It is not only an aroma diffuser but also a humidifier. Add proper water and essential oil to enjoy the full effect of your purifier. The cool mist diffuser will gently humidify air, eliminate dust and give your home a fresh, fragrant scent.


-Aroma Humidifier: Enjoy the comfortable and fresh air.
-Press switch and button: Easy to operate the light, mist and timer.
-Noiseless: whisper quiet helps you enjoy peaceful rest and relaxation.
-Auto off: Unexpected tilt and waterless auto shut-off for safety.
-Timers: 4 modes for steady 60' / 120' / 180'/ ON.
-ECO-friendly: Made with eco-friendly PP materials which same as baby bottles


1.Button LIGHT for light adjustment
-Press once: Turn on the LED light
-Press twice: Adjust LED brightness
-Press for long: Turn off the LED light.

2.Button HIGH/LOW for mist volume adjustment
-Beep once: Medium mist
-Beep twice: Stronger mist

3.Button MIST for switch and timer control
-Press first: 60 min timing
-Press second: 120 min timing
-Press third: 180 min timing
-Press fourth: Mist steady ON
-Press fifth: Turn off.
Standard Power Adapter:Input - 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz 0.5A
Output - 24V
Voltage - DC24V
Power - 12W