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10000+ customers use Nature Therapy diffusers and essential oils to make their home smell great, let them to tell you how they like us.

Based on 7193 reviews
Awesome buy

Auto start/stop for vehicle mode. Waterless and no mess.

Product portable with good design

Pretty n practical with good quality


2nd buy. Nice wooden colour.

Lemongrass essential oil

Very refreshing, loving it!


Sweet wooden design, what a good buy!


This is effective for pain management such as sprained ankles, knee pain etc.

Absolutely Love it!

The scent is so fabulous. Wish it comes in 100ml bottle though.

Deodorizing Essential Oil Blend

I perspire profusely. It is embarrassing and inconvenient. At work and around other people, I am always fearful that I smell bad. I have used many products to try to mask the smell but none work as well as this product. I dilute it and apply on my skin and hair. I do not have allergies and this product keeps me confident about smelling sweet despite hours of sweating. My colleagues say I smell very nice all the time. Thank you so much.

Energy Synergy

1st time using this blend. I love it. Use it every morning in a diffuser to hype me up for the day! :)


Personally love this scent. Refreshing and relieving headache. Good Buy.

Eucalyptus Globulus

First-time buyer. Happy that my purchase came within 3 working days!
Very useful for my girl who has allergic rhinitis. Helps her to sleep better every night.

Woody smell

First time trying this oil. Smell is woodsy, earthy.. i feel relaxed. I diffuse it evrry night and family feels calm.

My go to oil

This is my favorite oil. I use it for everything :)

The Scent is Great but the Roller Bottle is bad

Same issue with the sweet slumber roll on bottle I got.

I have no issues with the scent but the bottle malfunctioned when the roller cap got stuck in the main cap when I unscrewed to use the first time and for this I also spilled 1/2 the content without realising the roller cap is not on. Hope you can improve on the bottle design.

The oil is great but the roller bottle is bad

The scent is great, my kiddo really slept very well when I used it on her.

However I have serious issue with the roller bottle, I spilled all the contents at once because the roller cap came off after I unscrewed the cap and I didn't realise it and upended the bottle over my baby when I wanted to roll some oil on her. I'll probably buy and dilute on my own in future. Hopefully they take note of this malfunction.

rechargeable dual spray nozzle nebulizing diffuser

Diffuser casing quality is good, it serve its purpose, with its warm ambience light which perfectly suit my living room/bedroom's colour temperature

Fast delivery. Yet to try the oil.

Everyone should give this oil a try. It really smells amazing.

Fast delivery and good service

Fast delivery! Lavender is as awesome as always.

Fast delivery and good service.

This is the perfect combi for my kids when they are running a fever. Very quality essential oils at affordable prices!


Fast delivery. I love the way how seller update me on the delivery. I sleep better now as it ease my block nose due to allergy. Thank you