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Got the item the next day after the order day, very fast. Nice product.

Calming, but not for everyone

As with other Plant Therapy blends I've tried, usually one or two oils stand out more than the others.

For Relax, the Lavender is strongest, and overall the scent is green and slightly herbal. I don't smell the Patchouli, Geranium, or Sweet Marjoram as much. I like it, but it's certainly not for everyone.

If you prefer a calming scent that's more fruity, you may want to try Meditation.

Strong scent, leans towards floral

The jasmine and sweet orange is most obvious in this blend; I can't smell much of the woods and lavender. It's strong and 3 drops are enough for a bedroom. I like to mix in a few drops of peppermint to give the heavy floral scent a lift.


Sensual scent.

Ylang ylang

Wonderful floral scent


Unique scent for unwinding. The scent is dominated by the sweet orange and wood notes (frankincense & patchouli), the other oils are less noticeable. 6 drops is good enough for diffusing in a bedroom.

It would be good if the bottle had information on the blend date/ batch number, for an estimate of the use by date.

Great Sandalwood EO

Fast delivery! Well package. I love Sandalwood EO, this one is organic and from Australia. The smell is amazing and getting more nice as time went on.

Good oil

Website is informative, quick delivery and oil is of good quality. Repeat purchase.

Plant Therapy Sneezy Stop KidSafe Essential Oil

Bought many times . I love the oils. Good

Plant Therapy Kidsafe Shield Me Essential Oil

Love how natural this is. Smells good too! Used it all over my boy when we went to the zoo!. Used it on myself too! Not a single insect bite!!!!

Plant Therapy Top 6 Singles Organic Essential Oil Set

Well packed

Soothing to both parents & child

The overall aroma was not overpowering. I like how the citrusy smell gave a refreshing aroma to our room and yet had the calming effect on us.

Love it!

Bought so many times... All the smell are refreshing according to my liking. Neighbors walk pass my home and love it!

Dog safe!

Love love love this oil. Especially for cold nights

Dog safe!

Love this calming dog safe oil. A staple in our home

Dog safe!

Dog safe oil that opens with a hit of citrus and mellows out to a mellow cedarwood

Dog safe!

A staple in my dog safe essential oil stash! A little flowery and woody at the same time


used it for massage. Nice floral scent.

nice scent

A very nice citrus scent when combine to use with other oils, whether for making oil blends or for massage.


very effective for running nose. recommend it!


Feels smooth and not oily, my child likes it when I use this carrier oil for massage.

Good for massage

I use the oil to massage my daughter and she likes it. Will buy again.

Good Quality

Delivery was fast and product quality is good. Love to add it to face cream to give my cream a boost in anti-aging effects. Will try more oils under the brand.

Balance essential oil

Love the smell, very refreshing, & the price is reasonable.

Great sanitiser

I use this for my DIY sanitiser, and apply it on my kid's soles at morning and night to aid her protection with its antimicrobial properties. I love that it's organic and we are doing our bit for the environment as well.